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Wooden Mobile Phone Case

Wooden Mobile Phone Case

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Product information:
Style: European and American
Applicable mobile phone model: Apple/Apple model: iphone12/12pro /12pro Max Color classification: iphone12pro [6.1] plain walnut iphone12pro [6.1] Kanagawa surf iphone12pro [6.1] Indian idol iphone12pro [6.1] small compass iphone12pro [6.1] fantasy Tiger image iphone12pro [6.1] Thousand petal flower iphone12pro [6.1] Owl iphone12pro [6.1] Lion iphone12pro [6.1] Skull iphone12pro [6.1] Elephant trunk apple 12pro [6.1] Spot pattern remarks iphone12promax [6.7] Plain walnut iphone12promax [6.7] Surf iphone12promax [6.7] Small compass iphone12promax [6.7] Fantasy tiger figure iphone12promax [6.7] Indian idol iphone12promax [6.7] Owl iphone12promax [6.7] Thousand petal flower iphone12promax [6.7] Skull iphone12promax [6.7] Elephant trunk iphone12promax [6.7] Lion apple 12promax [ 6.7 Spot pattern remarks iphone12 [6.1] order remarks iphone12mini [5.4] order remarks
Style: protective shell
Popular elements: retro

Packing list:
Phone case X1

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