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Wireless charging mobile wood grain mouse pad

Wireless charging mobile wood grain mouse pad

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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Specifications (length * width * thickness): 28CM * 22CM * 0.5CM

Packing box specifications (length * width * thickness): 33.5CM * 23.5CM * 3CM
Interface: USB

Indication function: red light is in chargeable state, blue light is in charge state

Input voltage: DC5V

Input current: DC1.5A ~ 2A

Power: 5.5W

Working frequency: 100 ~ 200KHZ

Charging distance: 3 ~ 6MM

Charging efficiency: ≥ 76%

Implementation standard: QI 1.1

Working environment: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Charging method: one-on-one charging

Shell material: leather

Whether built-in battery: No

Packaging accessories: data cable

Net amount: 224G

Application Notes:

A. Perfectly compatible with built-in wireless charging mobile phones:

IphoneX, Samsung S8 / s8PLUS S6 Edge S7 / S7Edge noe5, noe7, noe8, 2016;

Google Nexus 4 Nexus 5 Nexus 6 Nexus 7;
LG G2 (VERIZON) Lucid 2 Lucid 3 Spectrum 2;
MOTO Droid Maxx Droid Mini 360;
Nokia Lumia 928 Lumia 929 Lumia 930 Lumia 1020 Lumia 1520;
Apple Watch Gionee and other phones

B. Other mobile phones without wireless charging function can be used by adding a receiver or a wireless charging holster. The price of the receiving chip is calculated separately!


1. First insert the data cable end of the equipped wired charger into the Micro Android port of the wireless charging mouse pad;

2. Plug the charger into a 220V power port;

3. Place the mobile phone with the receiving chip above the wireless charging sensor of the wireless charging mouse pad to charge it.

Wireless intelligence

   Charging with hand has become a fashion. In the cloud era, fully utilizing the fragmented time to charge is the maintenance requirement of modern mobile phone batteries. Wireless charging, easy to use, durable, safe operation, extended battery life, mobile phone universal!









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