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When it comes to comfortable, stylish and durable t-shirts, Fruit of the Loom knows what they're doing. This tee won't shrink or fade, even after many washes, and is guaranteed to retain its shape and color.

Known for comfortable clothing, Fruit of the Loom T-shirts are 100% cotton (except for heather gray and black, they have some polyester), are large enough for all your summer needs. Relaxed and suited for an active lifestyle the Fruit of the Loom T-shirt will be your go-to T-shirt in no time. Double-stitched from shoulder to sleeve, this T-shirt is insanely comfortable, machine washable and looks amazing!

Dont walk the extra mile, run it with this smart shirt! These are relaxed and tailored with a clean, eye-catching look that features side-seamed ribbing, modern contruction and a soft feel. Pairs well with a fresh pair of jeans.

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