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Furgle Lounge Nordic Chair

The upholstery is made of leather.

Living room pieces of furniture. The design is contemporary. Minimalist Modern is a trendy style nowadays.

The chaise lounge is a piece of furniture with a specific function.

Rooms include a dining room, a living room, a home office or study, and a bedroom. Pattern in a single color. Three-legged creature. 330 pound weight capacity. Walnut Bentwood, Top Grain Leather.

Item Width: 32.6
The item's length is 32.6 inches.
item height: 29.5 in.

General Home Furnishings. There are no folds. This chair includes a padded seat, reclines, and has three legs, to name a few features.
The color of rosewood is black.

Furgle is a trademarked term.

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