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Nordic countries have a lot of exquisite designs. One can find a modern, minimalistic style in almost everything there. From the clothes they wear to their interior, these products are made so carefully and with so much love that you can't help but feel good when you see them.

The coolest thing is that, because it's so far up north, many designers do not allow themselves to be held back by traditional constraints and limitations which gives them the freedom to be even more creative than anyone else.

Nordic design is a style, which is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Nordic style has been popular for a few decades and it seems like it is here to stay. Here’s why:

Its design is simple and functional, which makes it practical in any situation. It also emphasizes the importance of natural materials such as wood, wool, and stone in order to create a tranquil atmosphere. Lastly, Nordic design is often full of character with an unusual sense of humour or an unexpected twist.

We've made a list of cool stuff to make your home look like you.

1. Nordic design will make your room feel like you're high up in the sky

2. A minimalistic lamp will make your room feel modern and stylish

3. A chair that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing

4. A phone case that reflects your personality

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