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Chrome extension on a android tablet

Chrome extension on an android tablet?

It is very frustrating that chrome browser on an android tablet doesn't work with extensions. I mostly work on my side projects in bed before sleeping and it is more convenient to use my tablet then.

But chrome browser doesn't work.

And that is annoying that I sometimes have to pick up my laptop to do some work. If I am a bit sleepy, I always wake up when I grab my laptop from the floor and it takes a while longer to fall asleep.

But I have found a solution to that, that I didn't know.

You can download a browser on google play store called Kiwi browser and it works with extensions.

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Kiwi Browser is a lightweight, fast and private internet browser. It's based on the same engine as Google Chrome the Chromium. Kiwi Browser has received over 1 million downloads worldwide. It supports both Google Chrome extensions and themes, but that doesn’t mean it is limited to only supporting a few of them, even advanced features like tab overflow have been taken into account. Supported by many servers in the world, it provides you with the fastest downloading speed.

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When using Chrome extension on Kiwi browser at your tablet, you will find that some extensions are designed for desktop viewing and are not optimized for mobile devices. On the other hand, you will find that most of the extensions are working.

Read more about it, here:

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