6 tools that will help you if you got stuck in your writing

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Once in a while when you write you get stuck. 

Everyone who writes will do this occasionally. That's how it is. However stressful. 

Though, there is some assistance you may get. 

You cannot write the complete article, but you could get assistance with an intro or a sentence or, just get help with the grammar. 

I've tried a couple of these AI tools on the net. 

Some of them work nicely and are smooth to apply. All of them have a free version with limited functions that generally are enough. 

They can be a big help sometimes. But you must use them carefully. And don't overuse them.



INK is great I think. It has a very nice UI, easy to work with. With many functions. INK is a editor that uses AI to make it easier to write, SEO tools to make it easier to optimize, and marketing automation tools to help you follow influencers and find the best content ideas. Helping over 200,000 online marketers, INK is intuitive and easy-to-use marketing toolkit. From creating interesting blog posts and growing your audience on social media to automating your content promotion and leveraging influencer marketing, INK gives you powerful, yet simple ways to put your best foot forward. 

You can:

  • Marketing text
  • Facebook text
  • Linked in text
  • Blog text
  • Meta description 
  • Reading checker
  • Ads
  • SEO

And much, much more. 

Add some keywords and press create, and INK does the rest. 

I love it and it helps a lot sometimes when I don't have any idea how I should start. I don't always use the text INK produces but it gives me some hints on how I could write.

You can work on it online or you can download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It has a free limited version and a paid version.

Try it, it is worth it. Check it out here: INK

Quill bot

Is one of the most known paraphrasing tool. It has also a grammar checker, text summaries, and more.

The free version has limits but is sometimes enough for my needs.

  • 125 Paraphraser word limit
  • 2 Writing modes
  • 3 Synonyms options
  • 1200 Summarizer word limit
  • 2 Sentences processed at once
  • 1 Freeze Word or phrase
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions

The paid version has:

  • Paraphrase unlimited words
  • 7 Writing modes
  • 4 Synonyms options
  • 6000 Summarizer word limit
  • 15 Sentences processed at once
  • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions
  • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)

Its UI is not the best but it is easy to use.


Rytr is an online tool almost like INK. With nearly the same features as INK.

It is easy and nice to work with.

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you craft content at scale. It's free forever with upgrades as you grow. It has saved hours and dollars for thousands of copywriters and marketers, helping them place better and win more business.

It has a free and a paid plan.

The free version has:

  • Generate 5000* characters per month
  • Access 30+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community

Paid version:

  • Generate 50k* characters per month
  • Access 30+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community
  • Create your custom use-case

You can try it here: Rytr

Rewriter tool

Rewriter is an effective online tool if you want to create content that is easily understood by people of every age. Rewriter improves the readability and precision of your article.Rewriter is a free paraphrase tool that rewrites any article for free so you get a unique version each time. Whether you want to publish content or just explore your creativity, the Rewriter will rephrase the articles, sentence by sentence to ensure that it remains 100% spun and readable. To make sure your rewritten article is 100% human readable, rephrasing tool uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and rewrites blogs and articles with utmost precision. 

It also has an Article spinner tool, it's an excellent tool for writers who want to add some variety to their work. Perhaps your text requires a dash of flavor or a dash of audacity to become a masterpiece. It also has a paraphrase, grammar and, like the name a rewriter tool. 

The rewrite tool, can rewrite the text and make it more interesting.

It is a free online tool. You can check it out here: Rewriter

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Is a simple free tool to check repetitive words, reading quality, and more.

Check it out here: DraftMap

copy. ai

This is my latest discovery, and what I can say about it, so far the best.

copy. ai is an AI-powered tool that does what other writers do, but faster. 

copy. ai can help you create a blog post, email content, or even a tweet. copy. ai can help you create great content and meet your deadlines by automating the writing process with intelligence. That means if you've got some good ideas, copy. ai can take them and turn them into amazing online content in no time!

I have a lot to learn about it before I can give you a piece of more detailed information. 

But it has far more tools than the other and it has a free version and a paid one of course.

Try it, you will not regret: copy. ai

What about using tools like this?

Is it to be a cheater?

I don't think so, you have to have an idea and a story to write. And that can these tools not give you. Yet!

Writers and artists have always got ideas and inspiration from other books or articles they read. This is not different, it is a help, not more.

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